Friday, June 16, 2017

Serbia choose lesbian as Prime Minister

According to BBC report, the president of Serbia has nominated a gay woman to be his prime minister in a double first for the deeply conservative Balkan state.

Ana Brnabic was chosen by the new President, Aleksandar Vucic. Her approval by parliament will be largely a formality, as his party and its allies hold an overwhelming majority.

BBC report says, just a fewz years ago, the appointment would have been unthinkable.

Ms Brnabic is not only Serbia's first openly gay PM, but also the first woman in that post.

Mr Vucic said: "I believe that Brnabic has professional and personal qualities to be prime minister."

Dragan Markovic Palma of Unified Serbia, said Ms Brnabic was "not my prime minister".

Reuters News report that, Dragan said recently that the new prime minister "should be a family man who knows what children are."

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