Monday, August 21, 2017

Ijaw delicacy of the Niger-Deltans of Nigeria

Ijaws delicacy are nutritious that Niger-Deltans like. They eat these foods to maintain their life in the environment they found themselves.

Ijaws or Izon Food is essential to their culture.

Like many ethnic groups in Nigeria, the Ijaws have many local foods that are not widespread in Nigeria.

Some of these foods are:

Gbe - The grub of the raffia-palm tree beetle that is eaten raw, dried, fried in groundnut oil or pickled in palm oil.

Banga soup - This meal is traditional to the Urhobos, Isokos, Itsekiri's and Ijaw speaking people of the Niger Delta.

Polofiyai - A very rich soup made with yams and palm oil.

Kekefiyai - A pottage made with chopped unripened (green) plantains, fish, other seafood or game meat ("bushmeat") and palm oil.

Fried or roasted fish and plantain - Fish fried in palm oil and served with fried plantains.

Onunu - A dish served at traditional weeding ceremonies amongst the Ijaws and Kalabari in Niger-Delta of Nigeria.

Keke fieye (Ijaw Food).

Many of these foods involve fish and other seafoods such as clams, oysters and periwinkles; yams and plantains.

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