Sunday, August 20, 2017

Indian court grant a woman to divorce her husband

Local media report has revealed that, an Indian woman has been granted permission to divorce her husband because he would not build a toilet in their home.

According to the report, the woman in her 20s had been married for five years, but had been forced to relieve herself in nearby fields.

Though, the Indian law only allows divorce in limited circumstances such as domestic violence or proven cruelty.

In the court, the siting judge said: "Forced open defecation was a form of torture and domestic violence".

The court, in the state of Rajasthan, said that women are often forced to wait until dark to travel to the open fields used instead of toilets.

According to Times of India quoted the court's judgement as saying: "We spend money on buying tobacco, liquor and mobile phones, but are unwilling to construct toilets to protect the dignity of our family".

Times news said: "In villages, women have to wait until sunset to answer nature's call. This is not only physical cruelty but also outraging the modesty of a woman."

Indian media said the woman had filed for divorce in 2015.

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