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Terrorists attack tourit resort in Mali, kill Foreigners and two others

The West Africa country's security minister said, gunmen have stormed a tourist resort in Mali that lead to Foreigners and two people's dead.AFP News Agency report that, Mali's government has said it suspects jihadists are behind the resort attack. "Malian special forces intervened and hostages have been released."He said, "unfortunately for the moment there are two dead, including a Franco-Gabonese."The attack happened at luxury resort Le Campement Kangaba, east of the capital Bamako.Mali security minister said four attackers had been killed by security forces.Mr Salif said, "We have recovered the bodies of two attackers who were killed," but our forces were "searching for the bodies of two others".He also said, "one of them left behind a machine gun and bottles filled with "explosive substances".

Portuguese people mourn over forest inferno on Saturday

According to report, Portugal has declared three days of mourning for the 62 victims of one of the country's deadliest forest inferno.Reuters News says, "the wildfires spread fast on Saturday, and across several fronts."Four children are among the victims, many of whom were found dead inside their cars as they tried to flee the central forested region of Pedrógão Grande, BBC report said.At least, 100 of firefighters are continuing to tackle the blaze on several fronts.Some of the hundreds of firefighters tackling the blaze were injured.Prime Minister Antonio Costa called it "the greatest tragedy we have seen in recent years in terms of forest fires".The prime minister said it was thought to have been sparked by a lightning strike.According to the prime minister, just 11 fires are still active but he said the authorities were "particularly worried about two of them".(BBC NEWS)

Cristiano Ronaldo hold Man United close his heart, eager to return to EPL

Sky Sports report says, Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Spain and people close to the player says that he still holds United close to his heart.According to Sky, C. Ronaldo left United to join Madrid in an £80m deal in 2009 and the Red Devils have attempted to bring him back to Manchester on at least one occasion since then.It was disclosed that, Manchester United will offer Spain keeper David de Gea, 26, and £174m in exchange for the Portugal star.United remain cautious about getting involved in a transfer merry-go-round and club officials believe that the Portuguese legend will eventually decide to stay in Spain.The players’ advisers, though, have been told to find a way out of Spain for Ronaldo, who is apparently upset after he was recently accused of tax evasion amounting to £13m.The problem for Ronaldo is that very few clubs could afford his wages on top of what would be a massive transfer fee.PSG are said to be interested in signing him while AC Milan's new Chinese owners h…

Cuba government decry Trump decision on travel and trade policy

A report says, Cuba's government come out to condemned US President Donald Trump's decision to return his previous plan on policy changes towards the island nation.Cuba says, it will still co-operate with its larger neighbour.However, President Trump impose certain travel and trade restrictions eased by the Obama administration.He said the previous deal is completely one-sided, but promise not to reverse key diplomatic and commercial ties with Cuba.

Attackers stabbed Isreali policewoman to death

According to a report, Israeli police have shot dead three Palestinians after a deadly knife attack outside the Old City of Jerusalem, in which a policewoman died.Isreali police authorities said, two of the Palestinians attacked police officers with guns and knives while the third stabbed the policewoman.All the Attackers were from West Bank, but identified by Isreali police as two men aged 18 or 19 and another man.The Old City had been crowded with tens of thousands of Muslim worshippers.They were attending Friday prayers at al-Aqsa Mosque.BBC report that, during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, Israeli restrictions have been eased for Palestinians from the West Bank to travel to Jerusalem.Police said there was "no indication" of a link between the suspects and a terror group.Similarly, no fewer than three other people were injured in the attacks, two of them Palestinian bystanders who were hit by gunfire.A gun used by one of the attackers reportedly jammed.The dead polic…